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500 Peppers - 180 Tomatoes - 65 Eggplants
We have signed the Safe Seed Pledge. No GMO. Organically raised plants.

Fresh Chiles are shipping 2 weeks late this year.
Plants are loaded, but maturing late.

No more Live Plants for 2016. 2017 ordering starts Jan 1st.
Fertilizers, Books & Apparel ship year-round.
Seeds start shipping in January.
NEW! The Field Guide to Peppers - co-authored by our very own ChileGoddess - is here!

Yes!! We have Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper®.

Get a catalog.
Our Gift Certificates make great GREEN GIVING gifts that continue to give!
Get your own Peppers for Peace!

Visitors to the Nursery: The nursery is now CLOSED for the Season. Re-open April 15, 2017.
Location and Hours.
Please read Important info about pickup at nursery. Sorry no more pickup orders.

Choose from 500 varieties of Chile and Sweet Pepper Plants,
180 Varieties of Tomato Plants,
and 65 Varieties of Eggplant Plants!
Locals can also choose from 120 varieties of Basil Plants,
20 varieties of Tomatillo Plants,
and 8 varieties of Cilantro!