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What Our Customers Say

Stephen from Georgia: I have grown chiles for many years and for the first time I bought my chiles from you. I have ordered from many venues in the past, and your plants are by far the best I have ever received.

Barbara from Massachusetts: I can't tell you how impressed I am with your plants and your packaging. Your pepper plants look better than any I have seen at local nurseries. Thank you again for a wonderful selection and product. I'll be back next spring!!

Keith from California: I got my Chile peppers today! I am extremely pleased with your prompt, courteous service. The peppers arrived in excellent condition. I think they are healthier than the ones I pick up at my local nursery. The packaging is very impressive also. All in all, one of my best mail order experiences of all time. I will be a repeat customer for sure!

Jim from Wisconsin: I received my order yesterday and I want to tell you that I'm *extremely* happy with the plants. We have an excellent local nursery where we get most of our bedding plants. But theirs pale in comparison to yours. Thanks very much and keep up the great job.

Missy from Pennsylvania: We made our first visit to your business today. We came to buy hot chile peppers and were thrilled to find so many. We were also thrilled to find such knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful people. I'm sure we will be back soon, as well as all the friends and family we can tell about you.

Brent from California: ...very healthy plants that were incredibly, amazingly, beautifully well-packaged -- a marvel of successful packaging design, perfectly satisfying both the needs of protection during transit and unpacking convenience for the receiver. The designer of this packaging system deserves kudos for a job done fantastically well!

Ann from Arizona: I have never ordered plants by mail before but was intrigued by your enormous selection of chile plants. I had never heard of most of them! However, I decided to order a dozen from your company. What a pleasure! They all arrived in excellent condition and are doing fine. I will definitely reorder from your company again and have already informed others of your company. Thank you for such a varied selection and practical method of shipping.

Scott from Texas: The special attention you gave me in getting the shipment out promptly is very greatly appreciated and exceeded my expectations. The quality of the plants were outstanding and I got all of them planted the same day I received them and want to report that they are doing very well. Thank you for outstanding customer service with a personalized touch. I will order from you in the future and forward my friends to you too.

Thank You to our great customers for their kind words. We value and appreciate your business. Happy growing!

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