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About Us

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About the Growers

We are a husband and wife team with a small nursery located in rural Hunterdon County, New Jersey, which is approximately 1 hour north of Philadelphia, 1 hour southwest of New York City and within minutes of the Delaware River.

We have been in the greenhouse/nursery business since 1985, growing chiles since 1993, and offering our products by mail order since 1997. We love being growers!

About Our Plants

500 Chile/Pepper Plants - 180 Tomato Plants - 65 Eggplant Plants

We have signed the Safe Seed Pledge. No GMO.
All of our plants are raised on an organic diet of Fish Emulsion and Seaweed, with Beneficial Insects used for pest control.

We ship Live Plants by UPS from April through early-June.
Or, pickup at the nursery from mid-April through May 31st.

Our Live Plants are grown in 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch by 3.5 inch deep plastic pots.
Plants average 6-8 inches tall (habaneros 4-6 inches), and have strong sturdy stems. This is a nice transplant size that has a great root system to produce fast. We guarantee that they will arrive safely!

Our Live Plants are really getting to be known nationwide.
We ship out over 130,000 plants a year
, so we have lots of practice on getting plants shipped safely to your garden. These are super healthy large transplants, that produce abundantly. If you want the strongest, healthiest plants on the Web, that produce abundantly, you have come to the right place. You'll be amazed at our plants.

About Our Fresh Chiles

Our Fresh Chiles are sold by the half-pint, shipping Sept - early Oct.
This is a great way to taste-test some new varieties, with next year in mind.

See which varieties of Fresh Chiles we're growing this year.

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A Reminder

PLEASE don't plant too early!
Don't look at the calendar. Look instead at the thermometer, at night temperatures. Plants grow at night.
Plant when night temps are above 55-60 degrees for peppers and eggplants, 50-55 degrees for tomatoes.
This means planting in May for most of the country.

Young plants hate cold feet, and will perform poorly if planted early. It is better to plant 3 weeks late, than 1 day early. When nights are warm, young plants thrive. When nights are cold, young plants catch a chill, growth is halted and plants become more susceptible to disease. Plants always do better when the night temps are warm. No young plants like cold and wet.

Please also think about the plants' time in transit. If the box is subjected to very cold outside temperatures, the plants inside the box will be damaged. Here are our Safe Delivery Weeks. This is the earliest that we will guarantee safe delivery to your area. We can ship earlier, but you will need to sign off on liability if plants arrive cold damaged.

Plants shipped on our very first ship date will be the youngest/smallest plants of the season.
These plants may need to have a bit of extra care, and will not be as large as those shipped later in the season.

Not sure when to plant? Check out our Safe Planting Date Map.

Please read and follow our planting instructions which will accompany your order, paying special attention to slowly acclimate these plants to your garden. Never open the box and plant same day!!!

this is where the magic happens

Our Hours

We are a seasonal business.
We welcome visitors to our Nursery, in season.

2017 Nursery Open dates:
Saturday April 15th through Wednesday May 31st, 2017.

We are Closed all other days.

Pickup orders are available April 17 thru week of May 22 only.
Last day open is Wednesday May 31st.

During season, we are open 7 days a week. Open all holidays.
Monday - Friday  9am to 5pm
Saturdays & Sundays  10am to 5pm.

In our off-season, we are usually away from the farm.

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Our Location

GPS users: Use 199 Kingwood-Locktown Rd, Stockton, NJ.
Or, Lat. 40.28 degrees North; Long. 75.01 degrees West.

Google maps has finally found us! Click here!

If you use OUR directions you will not get lost...

Contact Info

For faster service, please eMAIL.
Please, PLEASE, please Email. Did we mention it is best to Email?

We are a seasonal business. We work the nursery from January through mid June.
We are now CLOSED for the season. In our off-season we are away from the farm.

In Season (Jan-mid June): If you must call, expect to leave a message and expect to wait a day for a return call.
We receive many phone messages and are on the phone non-stop, so you will go into voicemail.
We return calls, however there usually is a delay of about a day.
If you must call, leave a very brief message and we will call you back. Don't leave orders on voicemail. Please have patience.

In our Off-Season (July-Dec): Expect a long delay in the return of phone calls.
For faster sevice, Email us instead.

Phone messages re: web orders are returned by Email.

For faster service, please Email.

Cross Country Nurseries
PO Box 170 
199 Kingwood-Locktown Road
Rosemont, NJ 08556-0170
Phone: 908-996-4646
Fax: 908-996-4638

What Our Customers Say

Stephen from Georgia: I have grown chiles for many years and for the first time I bought my chiles from you. I have ordered from many venues in the past, and your plants are by far the best I have ever received.

Barbara from Massachusetts: I can't tell you how impressed I am with your plants and your packaging. Your pepper plants look better than any I have seen at local nurseries. Thank you again for a wonderful selection and product. I'll be back next spring!!

Keith from California: I got my Chile peppers today! I am extremely pleased with your prompt, courteous service. The peppers arrived in excellent condition. I think they are healthier than the ones I pick up at my local nursery. The packaging is very impressive also. All in all, one of my best mail order experiences of all time. I will be a repeat customer for sure!

Jim from Wisconsin: I received my order yesterday and I want to tell you that I'm *extremely* happy with the plants. We have an excellent local nursery where we get most of our bedding plants. But theirs pale in comparison to yours. Thanks very much and keep up the great job.

Missy from Pennsylvania: We made our first visit to your business today. We came to buy hot chile peppers and were thrilled to find so many. We were also thrilled to find such knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful people. I'm sure we will be back soon, as well as all the friends and family we can tell about you.

Brent from California: ...very healthy plants that were incredibly, amazingly, beautifully well-packaged -- a marvel of successful packaging design, perfectly satisfying both the needs of protection during transit and unpacking convenience for the receiver. The designer of this packaging system deserves kudos for a job done fantastically well!

Ann from Arizona: I have never ordered plants by mail before but was intrigued by your enormous selection of chile plants. I had never heard of most of them! However, I decided to order a dozen from your company. What a pleasure! They all arrived in excellent condition and are doing fine. I will definitely reorder from your company again and have already informed others of your company. Thank you for such a varied selection and practical method of shipping.

Scott from Texas: The special attention you gave me in getting the shipment out promptly is very greatly appreciated and exceeded my expectations. The quality of the plants were outstanding and I got all of them planted the same day I received them and want to report that they are doing very well. Thank you for outstanding customer service with a personalized touch. I will order from you in the future and forward my friends to you too.

Thank You to our great customers for their kind words. We value and appreciate your business. Happy growing!

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