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Eggplant Chart

Our Eggplant Chart is sortable!
Click the heading of any field to sort in ascending order. Click the same heading again to reverse sort that field in descending order. Clicking any field other than the Eggplant Name field will also include a secondary sort of the Eggplant Name field in ascending order.

You may also view the full descriptions and photos by clicking the individual Eggplant Names.

Eggplant Name Type Length Width Color Season Location
IVORY HYBRIDEgg-Shaped1-2"0.75-1.5"whiteEarly Season (60-70 days)
THAI PURPLE EGGEgg-Shaped1-2"0.75-1.5"pale purpleMid Season (70-80 days)Thailand
THAI WHITE EGGEgg-Shaped1-2"0.75-1.5"whiteMid Season (70-80 days)Thailand
THAI YELLOW EGGEgg-Shaped1-2"0.75-1.5"white to pale yellowMid Season (70-80 days)Thailand
BANGLADESHISlender4-5"1-1.25"purple & green streakedEarly Season (60-70 days)Bangladesh
BLACK CHU CHU HYBRIDRound1-2"1-1.5"blackEarly Season (60-70 days)India
BRAZILIAN OVAL ORANGERound1-2"1-2"orange to redMid Season (70-80 days)Brazil
BRIDE HYBRIDSlender7-8"1-2"whiteEarly Season (60-70 days)China
CHORYOKUSlender8-12"1-1.5"greenMid Season (70-80 days)Japan
FAIRY TALE HYBRIDTeardrop3-4"1-1.5"purple streakedEarly Season (60-70 days)
FENGYUAN PURPLESlender8-12"1-2"purpleEarly Season (60-70 days)Asia
GREEN GODDESS HYBRIDSlender6-8"1-1.5"light greenEarly Season (60-70 days)
GRETEL HYBRIDSlender6-8"1-2"whiteMid Season (70-80 days)
HARABEGAN HYBRIDSlender8-10"1-2"pale greenEarly Season (60-70 days)India
ICHIBAN HYBRIDSlender6-9"1-1.5"deep purpleEarly Season (60-70 days)
LITTLE FINGERSSlender6-8"1-2"deep purpleEarly Season (60-70 days)
LITTLE WHITE FINGERSSlender3-7"1-2"whiteEarly Season (60-70 days)
LONG PURPLESlender6-8"1-1.5"purpleMid Season (70-80 days)
LONG WHITE ANGEL HYBRIDSlender10-12"1-2"whiteMid Season (70-80 days)China
LUNGA VIOLETTA 2Slender6-8"1-2"dark purple/blackMid Season (70-80 days)Italy
MACHIAW HYBRIDSlender10-12"1-1.5"pale purpleEarly Season (60-70 days)
MALAYSIAN DARK REDSlender6-9"1-2"pinkish purpleMid Season (70-80 days)
MA-ZU PURPLESlender8-12"1-2"dark purpleMid Season (70-80 days)China
MILLIONAIRE HYBRIDSlender6-8"1-2"dark purple blackEarly Season (60-70 days)Japan
ONE BITERound1-2"1-2"purple blackEarly Season (60-70 days)
PING TUNG LONGSlender10-12"1-2"pale purpleEarly Season (60-70 days)China
PURPLE BALLRound1-2"1-2"deep purpleMid Season (70-80 days)Asia
PURPLE CHARM HYBRIDSlender7-9"1-1.5"reddish purpleMid Season (70-80 days)Taiwan
PURPLE FINGERSSlender6-8"1-1.5"blackish purpleEarly Season (60-70 days)
RAAVAYYA HYBRIDEgg-Shaped1.5-2.5"1-1.5"reddish purpleEarly Season (60-70 days)India
RED CHU CHU HYBRIDEgg-Shaped1-2"1-1.5"reddish purpleEarly Season (60-70 days)India
STRIPED TIOGATeardrop3-4"1-1.5"orange streakedMid Season (70-80 days)
THAI LONG GREENSlender10-12"1-2"lt greenMid Season (70-80 days)Thailand
THAI LONG PURPLESlender6-7"1-1.5"purpleMid Season (70-80 days)Thailand
TSAKONIKISlender4-6"1-2"purple streaked w whiteMid Season (70-80 days)Greece
VIOLET KING HYBRIDSlender7-8"1-2"deep purpleEarly Season (60-70 days)Thailand
WHITE FINGERSSlender6-8"1-2"greenish whiteMid Season (70-80 days)
BLACK CORAL HYBRIDSlender8-12"1.5-2"blackMid Season (70-80 days)Korea
CASPERStandard4-6"1.5-3"whiteMid Season (70-80 days)
CLOUD NINEStandard4-6"1.5-3"whiteMid Season (70-80 days)
KERMIT HYBRIDRound1.5-2"1.5-2"white and greenEarly Season (60-70 days)Thailand
KURUMESlender6-8"1.5-2"dark purpleMid Season (70-80 days)Japan
VITTORIA HYBRIDSlender8-10"1.5-2"deep purpleEarly Season (60-70 days)
ANAMIKA HYBRIDSlender5-7"1.75-2.25"pinky purpleEarly Season (60-70 days)
CALLIOPE HYBRIDStandard3-4"2-3"purple & white streakedEarly Season (60-70 days)
CHARMING HYBRIDSlender7-7.5"2-2.5"bright purpleMid Season (70-80 days)
DANCER HYBRIDStandard6-8"2-3"pinkish purpleMid Season (70-80 days)
DIAMOND EGGPLANTSlender6-9"2-3"dark purpleMid Season (70-80 days)Ukraine
GOYO KUMBARound Flat1-2"2-3"green to orange redMid Season (70-80 days)Africa
ITALIAN WHITERound3-4"2-3"pale greenMid Season (70-80 days)Italy
JADE SWEETStandard4-6"2-4"pale greenMid Season (70-80 days)Australia
KYOTORound2-3"2-3"purple blackEarly Season (60-70 days)
LAO PURPLE STRIPERound2-2.5"2-2.5"purple streakedLate Season (80-90 days)Laos
LISTADA de GANDIATeardrop5-6"2-3"pinky purple & white streakedMid Season (70-80 days)Italy
NEON HYBRIDTeardrop6-8"2-3"pinkish purpleEarly Season (60-70 days)
PANDORA STRIPED ROSETeardrop5-6"2-3"purpley pinkMid Season (70-80 days)
RAJA HYBRIDRound2-4"2-4"whiteEarly Season (60-70 days)India
RED CHINARound Flat0.75-1"2-2.5"orange to redMid Season (70-80 days)
THAI WHITE RIBBEDRound Flat1-2"2-3"whiteMid Season (70-80 days)Thailand
TURKISH ORANGERound1-2"2-3"orange to redMid Season (70-80 days)
UDUMALAPETStandard3-4"2-2.5"lt green with purple streaksLate Season (80-90 days)India
ZAHARAStandard5-6"2-3"purple streakedEarly Season (60-70 days)
MEGAL HYBRIDStandard7-9"2.5-3.5"purpleEarly Season (60-70 days)
PURPLE RAIN HYBRIDTeardrop5-6"2.5-3.5"red pinky purple streakedMid Season (70-80 days)
APPLEGREENRound4-5"3-4"pale greenEarly Season (60-70 days)
BLACK BEAUTYStandard6-7"3-4"blackish purpleLate Season (80-90 days)
FLORIDA HIGH BUSHStandard7-10"3-4.5"blackLate Season (80-90 days)USA- Florida
GHOSTBUSTER HYBRIDStandard6-7"3-4"whiteMid Season (70-80 days)
PANDA HYBRIDRound3-5"3-5"green w white streaksMid Season (70-80 days)Thailand
ROSITATeardrop6-8"3-4"rosy purpleMid Season (70-80 days)USA- Puerto Rico
ROUND MAUVERound3-4"3-4"reddish purpleEarly Season (60-70 days)China
SANTANA HYBRIDStandard6-8"3-4"blackish purpleLate Season (80-90 days)
THAI ROUND PURPLERound3-4"3-4"purple with dark purple streaksMid Season (70-80 days)Thailand
ZEBRA HYBRIDStandard6-8"3-4"purple streakedLate Season (80-90 days)
BEATRICE HYBRIDRound4-5"4-5"pinkish purpleMid Season (70-80 days)
BHARTA HYBRIDRound4-6"4-6"blackEarly Season (60-70 days)India
KAMORound4-5"4-5"dark purple/blackEarly Season (60-70 days)Japan
ASWADRound5-7"5-7"purple streakedMid Season (70-80 days)Iraq
CAMBODIAN GIANT GREENRound Flat2-4"5-6"pale greenMid Season (70-80 days)Cambodia
PROSPEROSARound5-6"5-6"deep purpleMid Season (70-80 days)Italy
ROSA BIANCARound5-6"5-6"pinkish purpleMid Season (70-80 days)Italy
ROTUNDO BIANCA SFUMATA di ROSARound5-6"5-6"pinkish purpleMid Season (70-80 days)Italy
VIOLETTA DI FIRENZERound5-6"5-6"dark purpleMid Season (70-80 days)Italy

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