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How to Order

Ready To Eat Fresh Chiles

Sorry, no Fresh Chiles in 2017.

We have Carolina Reaper®, Ghost Peppers, Moruga Scorpion and Trinidad Scorpion Pepper, and more!

Our Fresh Chiles are grown on our farm, and raised on an organic diet.
This is a great way to taste 'em this fall, with next year's garden in mind, or use in your favorite recipes.

Fresh Chiles begin shipping in late August through early/mid October only. Ordering starts January 1st.
Fresh Chiles are available by mail-order only. No pickups, sorry.

Our Fresh Chiles are sold by volume, in "half-pint" quantities. A half-pint is the size container that you would buy raspberries or blackberries in the supermarket. Quantities per half-pint are noted in the detailed Fresh Chiles descriptions. Smaller pods means more pods; larger pods means less. Roughly 0.25 lb per half-pint.

See complete descriptions of the Fresh Chiles growing at our farm this year.

Fresh Chiles range in price from $4.50 to $6 per half-pint, plus shipping.
**Extremely Hot and Super Hot varieties are $5.00 each, plus shipping.**
**Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper® are $6.00 each, plus shipping.**

Minimum order is one (1) box of 6 half-pints, in any mix.
Half-pints are sold individually. You may mix and match any variety in any quantity. No need to order 6 of a variety, you may order one of each. If ordering more than 6 half-pints, your finished order must contain exactly 12, 18, 24, etc half-pints, or any other multiple of six (6).

Please place your order early! We begin accepting orders for fall shipments on Jan 1st.

Shipping charges for Fresh Chiles are calculated based on your region - East, Central, West or Far.

Shipping for the first box of six (6) half-pints of Fresh Chiles is $12 East , $14 Central, $16 West and $20 Far.
Shipping for each additional box of six (6) half-pints of Fresh Chiles is $4.00.

Fresh Chiles to East, Central and West zones ship via UPS on Monday through Wednesday, to arrive Wednesday through Friday.
Fresh Chiles to Far zone (Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico) ship via US Priority Mail. Provide a US Mail address.

Fresh Chiles Shipping Charges
Far Shipping West Shipping Central Shipping East Shipping
6 $20 $16 $14 $12
12 $24 $20 $18 $16
18 $28 $24 $22 $20
24 $32 $28 $26 $24
30 $36 $32 $30 $28
36 $40 $36 $34 $32
42 $44 $40 $38 $36
48 $48 $44 $42 $40
54 $52 $48 $46 $44
60 $56 $52 $50 $48
add'l 6 or 12 add $4 add $4 add $4 add $4


We also offer a beautiful Fresh Chile Collection, which we call "Edible Chile Art". 


Based on your request of heat level, pod types and/or colors,  we can design a one-of-a-kind edible collage that makes a beautiful gift for any ChileHead friend, or yourself! Please select the item named Chile Art, and give us details of your requests in the substitute area of the order form.  Or leave it blank and we will choose a nice selection that is pleasing to both the eye and tongue!! One box of Chile Art has approx 8 half-pints of Fresh Chiles.
Please note: this is not art to hang on the wall. This is an edible arrangement of Fresh Chiles.
A box of Chile Art is $65.00, including shipping.

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