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The Pope of Peppers, Dave DeWitt has amassed so much information!
Everything you ever wanted to know about chiles and barbecue.

The Chile Pepper Institute
The Chile Pepper Institute is an international non-profit
organization devoted to education, research, publication and
archiving information related to Capsicums or chile peppers.
The home of the world's most comprehensive chile database.
Detailed info on 1000s of varieties.

Graeme Caseltons' Chile Pages
All sorts of chile information,
including an impressive database of chile species and varieties.

Organic Gardening Magazine
This is the magazine that not only tells you why we should grow
organically, but also shows how, in an easy to follow format.
Fantastic information for everyone interested in
keeping our earth and ourselves healthy.

The Hot World and the Art of Chile Peppers.
Chile Calendars, Chile Rubs, Chile Image Prints and Chile Gifts.

Check out this directory of pepper-related companies,
with links to B2B Companies (Business to Business)
as well as B2C Companies (Business to Consumers).

A hot pepper directory and resource page of hot sauces, seeds,
spices, fresh peppers, garden supplies, and related goods.

Recipes, restaurant reviews, and lots of links to other hot sites.
Anything and Everything About HOT Chiles.
World's hottest Chiles, sauces, seeds, and recipes.

Sizzlin Sauces
Hot sauces lovers rejoice! Yearn for the burn.

Chile Wines!
The folks at Pazdar Winery produce several wines using peppers from
plants that they buy from us each year. Varying levels of heat.

Biological Control
This guide provides photographs and descriptions of biological
control agents of insect, disease and weed pests in North America.

The Old Farmer's Almanac
Gardening advice, Heavenly Details including Moon Phase
Charts, Tide Info, Weather Forecasts and more.

Elizabeth Severino
Animal Communicator, Spiritual Healer and Energy Therapist,
Elizabeth's insight is simply amazing and offers powerful results.
Experience the One-ness! **Well recommended**


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