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Safe Planting Dates

We receive many orders with delivery date requests too early for their region.
Use this Safe Planting Date Map to determine the ideal planting time for your area.

safe planting map

Please do not take delivery too early, a common mistake that brings poor results. Live Plants need warm soil.
Here are our Safe Delivery Weeks. This is the earliest that we will guarantee safe delivery to your area, NOT when we suggest that you plant. We can ship earlier, but you will need to sign off on liability if plants arrive cold damaged.

PLEASE don't plant too early!
Young plants hate cold feet, and will perform poorly if planted too early.

Plant when night temps are above 55-60 degrees for peppers and eggplants, 50-55 degrees for tomatoes.
This means planting in May for much of the country.

Please request delivery close to your safe planting date.
Remember that young plants will not do well if they are subjected to cold temperatures during their time in transit. WE WANT OUR PLANTS TO DO WELL FOR YOU, so please request delivery at the correct time for your area!

Please read and follow our planting instructions which will accompany your order, paying special attention to acclimate these plants back into the sun before planting in your garden.

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