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Search Tips


Search - As Easy As 1 … 2… 3…

To see Extremely Hot varieties, set Heat Level to ""Extremely Hot"". Press GO.
To see red peppers good for drying, set Use to ""Drying"" and Color to ""Red"". Press GO.
To see yellow bells, set Pod Type to ""Bell"", and Color to ""Yellow"". Press GO.
To see Heirloom Tomatoes, set Product to ""Live Tomato Plants"" and Heirloom? to ""Heirloom only"". Press GO.

Find the Search Box and Choose your Product Category
 Look to the left. That is the infamous ChilePlants Search Box. It finds your perfect variety.
The first category sets which type of items. The default category is set to Live Chile/Pepper Plants.
Click the down arrow to the right of the text to see your other options.
Here are the Categories of Products that we offer:
       Live Chile/Pepper Plants
       Live Tomato Plants
       Live Eggplant Plants
       Live Basil Plants
       Live Tomatillo Plants
       Live Cilantro Plants
       Chile/Pepper Seeds
       Tomato Seeds
       Seed Supplies
       Ready To Eat Fresh Chiles
       Gift Certificates
Once your Product Category is selected, a set of criteria fields will appear...
Choose your Selection Criteria
 Click the down arrows to see the other criteria you can search for. Define the product that you need, by selecting characteristics:
       Heat Level - how hot would you like it?
       Pod Type - this describes the shape.
       Use - how will you use it?
       Color - every color of the rainbow (well almost...)
       Length - how long?
       Width - how wide?
       Location - where the product originates, or is commonly found.
       Season - long or short season?
       Species - if you really want to get technical...
       Determinate/Indeterminate - set fruit all at once vs. over a period (tomatoes only).
       Keyword - if you know part of the name or want to search on one word only.
Click GO!
 Now the fun part! The varieties that match your search criteria are returned - click the thumbnail to see a larger photo.
To narrow your search to show fewer results, include other fields in the search (Step 2) . To broaden your search results to show more results, or if "Sorry we could not find a match your search" is returned, exclude some previously selected fields, by returning them to the default of "All ...".
To start all over again, click the "Reset" button on the lower right.

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