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   Heat Level

Sweet (143)
Mild (112)
Medium (145)
Hot (184)
Very hot (142)
Extremely hot (20)
Super hot (48)

   Season Length

Early (60-70)
Mid (70-80)
Late (80-90)
Very Late (90+)
Super Late (120+)

   Pod Type

Andean Aji
Banana/Long Wax
Bell Elongated
Hab Elongated
Short Wax


Fresh Salsas
Hot sauce
Hungarian Cuisine
Indian Cuisine
Italian Cuisine
Japanese Cuisine
Large Stuffing
Mexican Cuisine
Seasoning Pepper
Small Stuffing
Stir Fry
Unusually Shaped




thin flesh
medium thin flesh
medium thick flesh
thick flesh
very thick flesh


< 0.5 inches
0.5 to 1 inches
1 to 2 inches
2 to 3 inches
3 to 4 inches
4 to 5 inches
> 5 inches


0.25 to 0.5 inch
0.5 to 1 inch
1 to 2 inches
2 to 3 inches
> 3 inches


upright pods
pendant pods
upright to pendant


green leaves
dark green leaves
light green leaves
purplish green
purple leaves
green & white
purple & white
purple & green
hairy leaves


< 6 inches
6 to 12 inches
12 to 18 inches
18 to 24 inches
24 to 30 inches
30 to 36 inches
36 to 42 inches
42 to 48 inches
> 48 inches


Afghanistan (1)
Africa (5)
African-American (1)
Andes (4)
Asia (2)
Bahamas (1)
Bangladesh (1)
Barbados (3)
Bermuda (1)
Bhutan (1)
Bolivia (8)
Brazil (21)
Bulgaria (3)
Cambodia (1)
Caribbean (7)
Cayman Islands (1)
Central African Republic (1)
Chile (2)
China (3)
Costa Rica (2)
Cuba (1)
Czechoslovakia (2)
Dominica (1)
E. Europe (4)
Ecuador (2)
Ethiopia (2)
France (1)
Great Britain (1)
Grenada (2)
Guadelupe (2)
Guam (1)
Guatemala (3)
Guyana (4)
Honduras (2)
Hungary (9)
India (18)
Indonesia (3)
Italy (33)
Jamaica (5)
Japan (7)
Korea (2)
Kosovo (1)
Laos (1)
Macedonia (1)
Malaysia (3)
Mexico (49)
Moldova (1)
New Mexico (1)
Nicaragua (1)
Panama (1)
Peru (16)
Philippines (1)
Poland (2)
Portugal (1)
Republic Of Georgia (1)
Romania (4)
Russia (2)
S. Africa (2)
S. America (3)
Siberia (1)
Spain (9)
St Vincent BWI (1)
St. Barts (1)
St. Lucia (2)
St.Vincent BWI (1)
Syria (1)
Taiwan (1)
Texas (1)
Thailand (6)
Tobago (1)
Trinidad (14)
Turkey (5)
UK (2)
USA (4)
Usa- Arizona (1)
USA- California (5)
USA- Florida (3)
USA- Hawaii (4)
USA- Louisiana (3)
USA- Michigan (1)
USA- Mississippi (2)
USA- N.Carolina (1)
USA- New Mexico (15)
USA- Ohio (1)
USA- Pennsylvania (4)
USA- Puerto Rico (3)
USA- S.Carolina (2)
USA- Tennessee (2)
USA- Texas (5)
USA- Virginia (1)
USA- West Virginia (1)
USA, New York (1)
USA, Texas (1)
Venezuela (3)
Vietnam (2)
West Africa (1)
Yucatan (1)



   Stock Status

In Stock
Out of Stock
Sold Out For The Season
Not Available This Season

   New Variety

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How to Order

Ordering and Your Account

You may view your order at any time by logging into your account. Click the My Account link at the top right of the page.

Once logged in you can view past and current orders. Changes to credit cards can be made from this page.
After shipment, a tracking # will be posted at the bottom of the order.

Be sure to take advantage of our WishList feature. A WishList allows you to mark any varieties to remember for a later date. Find your variety and simply click "Add to WishList" to get started.

Online Ordering Instructions

  1. Search or Browse for Peppers, Tomatoes or Eggplants. You may use the Search Box that is on the left of every page, the Peppers link, the Tomatoes link or the Eggplants link that are found in the dark green stripe at the top of the page. Hovering over these names will also bring dropdown menus from which you can select.

  2. Click 'Add To Cart'. This will put a quantity of one (1) of the selected item into your cart. Add each variety into your cart. Later you can update quantities.

  3. Click 'Cart/Checkout' link from the mini Shopping Cart box located top left, or click Shopping Cart at the top right of the page. Here is where you can make any changes to quantities or items in your cart. Be sure to click the Update Quantities button before proceeding to Check Out.

  4. Click 'Continue with Check Out'. If you do not meet our minimum/multiple requirements, the 'Continue with Checkout button will be grayed out and can not be clicked. Follow the prompts in bold red letters at the top of the Shopping Cart, which explain how many more items are needed to reach our minimum 6/multiple 6 requirement. Either add/subtract items, or increase/decrease the quantities of those items already in your cart. Please see #2 above for information on editing your cart. If the correct minimum/multiple is in your cart, you will be able to click 'Continue with Checkout'

  5. The next page offers a discount on fertilizer. Click either 'Add To Cart' or 'No Thanks'.

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  7. Please fill in the 'Shipping Information', 'Delivery Information' and 'Substitute Information' sections.
    Live Plant, Fresh Chiles and Fertilizer shipments to East, Central and West shipping zones ship via UPS, and need a physical street address. Live Plants, Fresh Chiles and Fertilizer shipments to the Far shipping zone ship via US Priority Mail, so please provide a US Postal Service address. View Shipping Map.

    Please request a Delivery Date close to your Safe Planting Date. Our Safe Delivery Week will show the earliest that we will ship to your region to guarantee a safe arrival. We will ship earlier, but you will need to sign off acknowledging that shipping before our Safe Delivery Week voids our safe arrival guarantee, and customer assumes all risks and liabilities.

    All Seeds, Seed Supplies, Books, Posters, Apparel and Gift Certificates ship via US Priority Mail.
    Click 'Continue'.

  8. Please fill in your Credit Card and Billing information in the 'Billing Information' section. Your Credit Card will be billed one week (5 business days) prior to shipment. Please provide the Billing Address that matches the Billing Address on file with your bank (the address where your credit card bills are sent), as we run AVS (Address Verfication System). If the Billing Address submitted does not match the Billing Address on file with your bank, your order will decline and will not be processed.
    Click 'Continue To Last Step'.

  9. Please review your Order on this page. Any changes can be made by clicking the 'Edit' links. This is your final opportunity to make changes to this order. Click 'Finish'. You have successfully entered your order.

  10. Your Order Summary will be returned showing your order#, and an order confirmation email will be sent. If you do not receive it, check your Spam or Junk folders. Please reply to this order confirmation with any questions about your order.

  11. You also can view your order, including past orders, from your Account Details page. Click the My Account link to log in. You may also update credit card details for current orders by clicking the 'Update Credit Cards' link.

  12. If you are paying with a credit card, you will be charged one week (5 business days) prior to shipment.
    Please be sure funds are available at that time. If your credit card declines, we will make one attempt to get a working credit card #. If we do not hear back from you within one week, your order will be canceled.
    If paying by PayPal, your funds will be taken immediately.

  13. When your order ships, you will receive an email from UPS with shipping/tracking/delivery information. You also can find your tracking# on your Order History page (Click the My Account link to log in.) Please keep an eye on your order as it travels across the country. If you have any questions or concerns about delivery, please contact UPS at 1-800-PICK-UPS, and provide your tracking #.

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