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   Heat Level

sweet (143)
mild (111)
medium (146)
hot (184)
very hot (142)
extremely hot (20)
super hot (48)

   Season Length

Early Season (60-70 days)
Mid Season (70-80 days)
Late Season (80-90 days)
Very Late Season (90+ days)
Extremely Late Season (120+ days)

   Pod Type

Anaheim/New Mex
Andean Aji
Banana/Long Wax
Bell Elongated
Cubanelle/Italian Frying
Habanero Elongated
Short Wax


Fresh Salsas
Hot sauce
Hungarian Cuisine
Indian Cuisine
Italian Cuisine
Japanese Cuisine
Large Stuffing
Mexican Cuisine
Seasoning Pepper
Small Stuffing
Stir Fry
Unusually Shaped Fruit




thin flesh
medium thin flesh
medium thick flesh
thick flesh
very thick flesh


< 0.5 inches
0.5 to 1 inches
1 to 2 inches
2 to 3 inches
3 to 4 inches
4 to 5 inches
> 5 inches


0.25 to 0.5 inch
0.5 to 1 inch
1 to 2 inches
2 to 3 inches
> 3 inches


upright pods
pendant pods
upright pods become pendant


green leaves
dark green leaves
light green leaves
purplish green leaves
purple leaves
green & white leaves
purple & white leaves
purple & green leaves
green, purple & white leaves
hairy leaves


< 6 inches
6 to 12 inches
12 to 18 inches
18 to 24 inches
24 to 30 inches
30 to 36 inches
36 to 42 inches
42 to 48 inches
> 48 inches


Afghanistan (1)
Africa (5)
African-American (1)
Andes (4)
Asia (2)
Bahamas (1)
Bangladesh (1)
Barbados (3)
Bermuda (1)
Bhutan (1)
Bolivia (8)
Brazil (21)
Bulgaria (3)
Cambodia (1)
Caribbean (7)
Cayman Islands (1)
Central African Republic (1)
Chile (2)
China (3)
Costa Rica (2)
Cuba (1)
Czechoslovakia (2)
Dominica (1)
E. Europe (4)
Ecuador (2)
Ethiopia (2)
France (1)
Great Britain (1)
Grenada (2)
Guadelupe (2)
Guam (1)
Guatemala (3)
Guyana (4)
Honduras (2)
Hungary (9)
India (18)
Indonesia (3)
Italy (33)
Jamaica (5)
Japan (7)
Korea (2)
Kosovo (1)
Laos (1)
Macedonia (1)
Malaysia (3)
Mexico (49)
Moldova (1)
New Mexico (1)
Nicaragua (1)
Panama (1)
Peru (16)
Philippines (1)
Poland (2)
Portugal (1)
Republic Of Georgia (1)
Romania (4)
Russia (2)
S. Africa (2)
S. America (3)
Siberia (1)
Spain (9)
St Vincent BWI (1)
St. Barts (1)
St. Lucia (2)
St.Vincent BWI (1)
Syria (1)
Taiwan (1)
Texas (1)
Thailand (6)
Tobago (1)
Trinidad (14)
Turkey (5)
UK (2)
USA (4)
Usa- Arizona (1)
USA- California (5)
USA- Florida (3)
USA- Hawaii (4)
USA- Louisiana (3)
USA- Michigan (1)
USA- Mississippi (2)
USA- N.Carolina (1)
USA- New Mexico (15)
USA- Ohio (1)
USA- Pennsylvania (4)
USA- Puerto Rico (3)
USA- S.Carolina (2)
USA- Tennessee (2)
USA- Texas (5)
USA- Virginia (1)
USA- West Virginia (1)
USA, New York (1)
USA, Texas (1)
Venezuela (3)
Vietnam (2)
West Africa (1)
Yucatan (1)


C.annuum var. glabriusculum

   Stock Status

In Stock
Out of Stock
Sold Out For The Season
Not Available This Season
Available Only at the Nursery

   New Variety

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How to Order

Policies and Terms


No returns!

We are not liable for ANY damage due to delivery delays caused by an incorrect/incomplete address submitted on order. Please double check address!

Changes to Orders

For order changes, please reply to your emailed order confirmation, and list any/all changes.
For a shipped Plant order, remember to keep your final order quantity a multiple of six(6) plants.
Changes to orders must be made no later than 2 weeks prior to your requested delivery week.
Please allow 3 days for confirmation. Please have patience.
If you do not receive a change confirmation from us within 3 days, we did not receive your request.
Once an order is 'In Progress', this means it's in the process of being picked and we're unable to make changes.

If you want to add onto an order, reply back to your order confirmation and list additions.
For shipped Plant order, remember to keep your final order quantity a multiple of six (6) plants.

Let's Talk Substitutes...

We rarely have to make substitutes, but it does happen.

Please understand how incredibly complex it is to have all of the varieties available all of the time.

We do our very best, however plants are living beings that do not always grow as expected, scheduled nor anticipated. Backordered seed, poor/slow germination and various growing issues, especially unpredictable and unseasonable weather, may make some items unavailable.

If we have the variety you request, we will gladly send it to you! But if we don't, we need to either:

  • Substitute with Similar Variety (default),
  • Double Up on other varieties in the order,
  • Substitute from Substitute List, where you list alternatives,
  • Cancel Order - to choose this option, select Substitute List and write "cancel order". Entire order will be canceled and monies returned. No cancel order fee for orders canceled due to unavailability.
Please submit your substitute instructions during checkout in the Substitute Information area of the order form.

We are unable to call, fax or email for substitute instructions. We will follow instruction from Substitute Instruction box.
We will Double Up on other plants in your order if "no subs" or "call me" are requested.

Most people request Similar Variety. A Similar Variety means one that is as close as possible to the requested variety, in terms of heat level (for peppers), pod type, color or use. We do our best to provide the closest match. You may prefer!

Substitutions are marked on the packing slip which will accompany your shipment, or noted on My Account.
A big thank you to our customers who give us detailed instructions as to how to handle filling in for unavailable plants!!

Payment Methods

We accept Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and PayPal.
We do not accept personal or business checks.
We do not accept checks at the nursery. Bring cash, debit, or credit cards.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Credit Cards.

We will charge your Credit Card one week prior to your requested ship date. Have funds available in your account at that time.
For Credit Card authorization, we need:

  1. your name as it appears on your Credit Card,
  2. your Billing Address. This is the address where you receive your bills, usually your home,
  3. the full 16 digits of your credit card number,
  4. the credit card expiration date.

If any of this info does not match - your credit card will decline, and your order will be delayed.
If your credit card declines, we will make one attempt to get a working credit card # in the form of an email alert, with instruction and a link to rerun your credit card. If your payment is not processed within a week, your order will be canceled.

Any chargebacks or disputes made against us will end our business relationship.

We also accept PayPal. PayPal payments are taken at time of order.
PayPal payments are the best way to be sure your order is not delayed/canceled at shipping time.


Our Guarantee

If you want the strongest, healthiest plants on the Web, you have come to the right place. 
You'll be amazed at our plants!

We ship out well over 100k plants a year, so we have lots of practice on getting plants shipped safely to your garden.

Our Live Plants are healthy and strong. Our Fresh Chiles are freshly picked.
We guarantee that our products arrive in a healthy condition, and are true to name.
We will either replace the damaged item if available, or issue an in-house credit towards your next order.

Notification about orders that arrive damaged must be made within 72 hours of receipt.
Photographs are requested to show damage, especially if it is shipping damage. Please keep all packaging materials.

Notification of plants producing not true to name must be made by Oct 15th, in writing, and accompanied by photos.

We are not liable for any damage to plants due to delivery delays caused by an incorrect or incomplete address given with your order. Please double check your address!

Once our plants are planted out in your garden or container, or after 72 hours from receipt, they become your plants.
We will not be held liable for our plants' performance in your garden, nor its productivity, as this is completely out of our control. Under no circumstances will we be held liable for more than the cost of the product.

Privacy Policy

We value our customers and do not sell any information given to us to any 3rd parties. We make our living off plants, not customer data.

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