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   Heat Level

sweet (143)
mild (111)
medium (146)
hot (184)
very hot (142)
extremely hot (20)
super hot (48)

   Season Length

Early Season (60-70 days)
Mid Season (70-80 days)
Late Season (80-90 days)
Very Late Season (90+ days)
Extremely Late Season (120+ days)

   Pod Type

Anaheim/New Mex
Andean Aji
Banana/Long Wax
Bell Elongated
Cubanelle/Italian Frying
Habanero Elongated
Short Wax


Fresh Salsas
Hot sauce
Hungarian Cuisine
Indian Cuisine
Italian Cuisine
Japanese Cuisine
Large Stuffing
Mexican Cuisine
Seasoning Pepper
Small Stuffing
Stir Fry
Unusually Shaped Fruit




thin flesh
medium thin flesh
medium thick flesh
thick flesh
very thick flesh


< 0.5 inches
0.5 to 1 inches
1 to 2 inches
2 to 3 inches
3 to 4 inches
4 to 5 inches
> 5 inches


0.25 to 0.5 inch
0.5 to 1 inch
1 to 2 inches
2 to 3 inches
> 3 inches


upright pods
pendant pods
upright pods become pendant


green leaves
dark green leaves
light green leaves
purplish green leaves
purple leaves
green & white leaves
purple & white leaves
purple & green leaves
green, purple & white leaves
hairy leaves


< 6 inches
6 to 12 inches
12 to 18 inches
18 to 24 inches
24 to 30 inches
30 to 36 inches
36 to 42 inches
42 to 48 inches
> 48 inches


Afghanistan (1)
Africa (5)
African-American (1)
Andes (4)
Asia (2)
Bahamas (1)
Bangladesh (1)
Barbados (3)
Bermuda (1)
Bhutan (1)
Bolivia (8)
Brazil (21)
Bulgaria (3)
Cambodia (1)
Caribbean (7)
Cayman Islands (1)
Central African Republic (1)
Chile (2)
China (3)
Costa Rica (2)
Cuba (1)
Czechoslovakia (2)
Dominica (1)
E. Europe (4)
Ecuador (2)
Ethiopia (2)
France (1)
Great Britain (1)
Grenada (2)
Guadelupe (2)
Guam (1)
Guatemala (3)
Guyana (4)
Honduras (2)
Hungary (9)
India (18)
Indonesia (3)
Italy (33)
Jamaica (5)
Japan (7)
Korea (2)
Kosovo (1)
Laos (1)
Macedonia (1)
Malaysia (3)
Mexico (49)
Moldova (1)
New Mexico (1)
Nicaragua (1)
Panama (1)
Peru (16)
Philippines (1)
Poland (2)
Portugal (1)
Republic Of Georgia (1)
Romania (4)
Russia (2)
S. Africa (2)
S. America (3)
Siberia (1)
Spain (9)
St Vincent BWI (1)
St. Barts (1)
St. Lucia (2)
St.Vincent BWI (1)
Syria (1)
Taiwan (1)
Texas (1)
Thailand (6)
Tobago (1)
Trinidad (14)
Turkey (5)
UK (2)
USA (4)
Usa- Arizona (1)
USA- California (5)
USA- Florida (3)
USA- Hawaii (4)
USA- Louisiana (3)
USA- Michigan (1)
USA- Mississippi (2)
USA- N.Carolina (1)
USA- New Mexico (15)
USA- Ohio (1)
USA- Pennsylvania (4)
USA- Puerto Rico (3)
USA- S.Carolina (2)
USA- Tennessee (2)
USA- Texas (5)
USA- Virginia (1)
USA- West Virginia (1)
USA, New York (1)
USA, Texas (1)
Venezuela (3)
Vietnam (2)
West Africa (1)
Yucatan (1)


C.annuum var. glabriusculum

   Stock Status

In Stock
Out of Stock
Sold Out For The Season
Not Available This Season
Available Only at the Nursery

   New Variety

Search Tips


How to Order

Pickup At Our Nursery

Our Live Plants may also be picked up at our nursery in New Jersey! Location and Hours.

There are 2 ways to buy at our physical location:

1) Just walk in! You will choose your own plants from our 2 Retail greenhouses. 'Pull your Own' plants.

2) Place a 'Reserved Order for Pickup' order which we will have pulled and ready for you to pick up.
Click "I prefer to pickup my order at the nursery" which is on the top of the Shopping Cart.
2021 Reserved Order Pickups: wk 4/12/21 thru wk 5/24/21.

Please note: Availability shown on the site is for Internet Orders only. This does not apply to our Retail greenhouses, where inventory quantities and varieties fluctuate frequently. To ensure the items you're interested in are available, we recommend that you place a Reserved Order for Pickup.

Why can't I buy the same varieites of peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants in person?
Our nursery is setup as both a retail operation and what can be considered a warehouse for the mail order business. Items in the warehouse are arranged to be efficient for picking and shipping, while the retail greenhouses are arranged for a better customer experience. Think of the difference between going to a brick and mortar store vs shopping in their warehouse.
Part of the fun (we think) of coming in person is the variability of what's available and seeing the plants in person!

RESERVED ORDERS FOR PICKUP: Please pick up within one week of your requested pickup date.
We need room for next weeks' orders, so we need to move your order OUT.
No need to call ahead or advise, but please bring your order# with you.
Pickup orders will be ready starting Monday of the requested delivery week, and will not be ready earlier.

Do not come earlier than your requested pickup week (or ask to come), as your order will NOT be ready, and you will need to come back. NO EXCEPTIONS as pickup orders get completed on Monday mornings.

You must pick up your order within one week of your pickup date.
Plants left here for longer than one week will be subject to a $5 late pickup fee.
If left for more than two weeks, the order will be canceled and a $10 cancel order fee will be charged.

No minimum/multiple requirements for pickup orders.
Order online at for best service. Instruction here.
We need a credit card to hold a pickup order, however you will pay at pickup. Bring cash or credit card.
You may also order by mail or fax using our Printable Order Form - with Credit Card or Money Order only.

We no longer accept checks. Please pay with cash or credit card.

"Pull Your Own" Plants that you pick from the retail greenhouses are discounted $1.00 from internet order pricing.

"Reserved Order for Pickup" Plants that we pull and hold for pickup are discounted $0.50 from internet order pricing.

Please designate that your order is a PICKUP order by clicking "I prefer to pickup my order at the nursery" which is on the top of the Shopping Cart page. This will allow you to check out without any minimum/multiple requirement, and will deduct the 50 cent per plant Pickup Discount on the final page of your order.

If using our Printable Order Form, please fill out the Order Form as usual, clearly writing PICKUP and your pickup date, and don't forget to add tax. Please be sure that your order is in house at least 14 days before your requested pickup date.

Tax Exempt Customers: If you are tax exempt you must bring with you a fully filled out tax exempt form in order to receive your purchase without paying tax. We will not accept a form after the purchase date. Form must be presented at purchase.

We no longer accept checks. Pay with cash or credit card.

Please do not take delivery too early, a common mistake that brings poor results. Live Plants need warm soil.
Please read our Safe Planting guidelines, for when to plant out in your area. Nights above 55 degrees.

We also offer Tomatillos, Basils and Cilantro at the nursery. These items may not be reserved, but picked up while here.

You will need to provide a Credit Card to place/hold a Pickup order. We will swipe your card (or accept cash) at pickup, so please bring payment with you when you come to pick up your order.

We no longer accept checks. Please pay with cash or credit card.

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