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   Heat Level

sweet (143)
mild (111)
medium (146)
hot (184)
very hot (142)
extremely hot (20)
super hot (48)

   Season Length

Early Season (60-70 days)
Mid Season (70-80 days)
Late Season (80-90 days)
Very Late Season (90+ days)
Extremely Late Season (120+ days)

   Pod Type

Anaheim/New Mex
Andean Aji
Banana/Long Wax
Bell Elongated
Cubanelle/Italian Frying
Habanero Elongated
Short Wax


Fresh Salsas
Hot sauce
Hungarian Cuisine
Indian Cuisine
Italian Cuisine
Japanese Cuisine
Large Stuffing
Mexican Cuisine
Seasoning Pepper
Small Stuffing
Stir Fry
Unusually Shaped Fruit




thin flesh
medium thin flesh
medium thick flesh
thick flesh
very thick flesh


< 0.5 inches
0.5 to 1 inches
1 to 2 inches
2 to 3 inches
3 to 4 inches
4 to 5 inches
> 5 inches


0.25 to 0.5 inch
0.5 to 1 inch
1 to 2 inches
2 to 3 inches
> 3 inches


upright pods
pendant pods
upright pods become pendant


green leaves
dark green leaves
light green leaves
purplish green leaves
purple leaves
green & white leaves
purple & white leaves
purple & green leaves
green, purple & white leaves
hairy leaves


< 6 inches
6 to 12 inches
12 to 18 inches
18 to 24 inches
24 to 30 inches
30 to 36 inches
36 to 42 inches
42 to 48 inches
> 48 inches


Afghanistan (1)
Africa (5)
African-American (1)
Andes (4)
Asia (2)
Bahamas (1)
Bangladesh (1)
Barbados (3)
Bermuda (1)
Bhutan (1)
Bolivia (8)
Brazil (21)
Bulgaria (3)
Cambodia (1)
Caribbean (7)
Cayman Islands (1)
Central African Republic (1)
Chile (2)
China (3)
Costa Rica (2)
Cuba (1)
Czechoslovakia (2)
Dominica (1)
E. Europe (4)
Ecuador (2)
Ethiopia (2)
France (1)
Great Britain (1)
Grenada (2)
Guadelupe (2)
Guam (1)
Guatemala (3)
Guyana (4)
Honduras (2)
Hungary (9)
India (18)
Indonesia (3)
Italy (33)
Jamaica (5)
Japan (7)
Korea (2)
Kosovo (1)
Laos (1)
Macedonia (1)
Malaysia (3)
Mexico (49)
Moldova (1)
New Mexico (1)
Nicaragua (1)
Panama (1)
Peru (16)
Philippines (1)
Poland (2)
Portugal (1)
Republic Of Georgia (1)
Romania (4)
Russia (2)
S. Africa (2)
S. America (3)
Siberia (1)
Spain (9)
St Vincent BWI (1)
St. Barts (1)
St. Lucia (2)
St.Vincent BWI (1)
Syria (1)
Taiwan (1)
Texas (1)
Thailand (6)
Tobago (1)
Trinidad (14)
Turkey (5)
UK (2)
USA (4)
Usa- Arizona (1)
USA- California (5)
USA- Florida (3)
USA- Hawaii (4)
USA- Louisiana (3)
USA- Michigan (1)
USA- Mississippi (2)
USA- N.Carolina (1)
USA- New Mexico (15)
USA- Ohio (1)
USA- Pennsylvania (4)
USA- Puerto Rico (3)
USA- S.Carolina (2)
USA- Tennessee (2)
USA- Texas (5)
USA- Virginia (1)
USA- West Virginia (1)
USA, New York (1)
USA, Texas (1)
Venezuela (3)
Vietnam (2)
West Africa (1)
Yucatan (1)


C.annuum var. glabriusculum

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You may also view the full descriptions and photos by clicking the individual Tomato Names.

Tomato Name Type Size Season Color Location Determinancy Heirloom
AKER'S WEST VIRGINIABeefsteakLargeLate Season (80-90 days)redUSA- West VirginiaIndeterminateYes
AMANA ORANGEBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)orangeUSA- IowaIndeterminateYes
AMISH PASTEOxheartMediumLate Season (80-90 days)redUSA- PennsylvaniaIndeterminateYes
ANDREW RAHART'S JUMBO REDBeefsteakLargeLate Season (80-90 days)redIndeterminateYes
ANNA RUSSIANOxheartVery LargeMid Season (70-80 days)reddish pinkRussiaIndeterminateYes
ARKANSAS TRAVELERGlobeMediumLate Season (80-90 days)reddish pinkUSA- ArkansasIndeterminate 
ATOMIC GRAPECherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)Tie-DyeUSAIndeterminateYes
AUNT RUBY'S GERMAN GREENBeefsteakLargeLate Season (80-90 days)pale greenIndeterminateYes
AZOYCHKABeefsteakMediumEarly Season (60-70 days)yellowRussiaIndeterminateYes
BABY SAN MARZANOPlumSmallMid Season (70-80 days)redUSAIndeterminateYes
BANANA LEGSPlumMediumMid Season (70-80 days)yellowDeterminateYes
BEEFMASTER VFN HYBRIDBeefsteakVery LargeMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
BEEFSTEAKBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)redUSAIndeterminateYes
BEEFY BOY VFFTSt HYBRIDGlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
BERKELEY TIE DYE PINKBeefsteakLargeEarly Season (60-70 days)red w green streaksIndeterminate 
BETTER BOY VFN HYBRIDGlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
BIG BEEF VFFNTA HYBRIDGlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
BIG BOY HYBRIDGlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
BIG RAINBOWBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)golden yellow with red streaks; bicolorIndeterminateYes
BIG WHITE PINK STRIPESFlattened GlobeLargeLate Season (80-90 days)white with pink stripes; bicolorIndeterminate 
BIG ZAC HYBRIDBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)redIndeterminate 
BIG ZEBRAFlattened GlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)red with green stripes; bicolorIndeterminate 
BISIGNANO #2PlumMediumMid Season (70-80 days)orange redItalyIndeterminate 
BLACK BEAUTY TOMATOBeefsteak-Mid Season (70-80 days)IndeterminateYes
BLACK CHERRYRound CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)deep brownIndeterminateYes
BLACK FROM TULABeefsteakLargeMid Season (70-80 days)deep red-brownRussiaIndeterminateYes
BLACK KRIMFlattened GlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)brownish redRussiaIndeterminateYes
BLACK PEARPearMediumMid Season (70-80 days)reddish brownIndeterminateYes
BLACK PINEAPPLEFlattened GlobeVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)green & purple pinkBelgiumIndeterminate 
BLACK PLUM TOMATOOval CherrySmallLate Season (80-90 days)reddish brownRussiaIndeterminate 
BLACK PRINCE TOMATOGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)reddish brownSiberiaIndeterminateYes
BLACK SEA MANBeefsteakMediumMid Season (70-80 days)reddish brown with green shouldersRussiaDeterminateYes
BLACK ZEBRAGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)reddish brown with green stripes; bicolorIndeterminate 
BOX CAR WILLIEGlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)redUSAIndeterminateYes
BRANDYMASTER PINK HYBRIDGlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)pinkIndeterminate 
BRANDYMASTER RED HYBRIDGlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
BRANDYWINEBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)pink redUSA- PennsylvaniaIndeterminateYes
BRANDYWINE BLACKBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)reddish brownUSA- PennsylvaniaIndeterminateYes
BRANDYWINE OTVBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)redUSA- PennsylvaniaIndeterminateYes
BRANDYWINE RED, POTATO LEAFBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)redUSA- PennsylvaniaIndeterminateYes
BRANDYWINE RED, REGULAR LEAFBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)redUSA- PennsylvaniaIndeterminateYes
BRANDYWINE SUDDUTH'S STRAINBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)pinkUSA- TennesseeIndeterminateYes
BRANDYWINE YELLOW PLATFOOT STRAINBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)golden yellowUSA- PennsylvaniaIndeterminateYes
BROWN BERRYRound CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)reddish brownIndeterminate 
BULGARIAN #7GlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)redBulgariaIndeterminateYes
BULGARIAN TRIUMPHFlattened GlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)orange redBulgariaIndeterminateYes
BULL'S HEARTOxheartVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)pinkRussiaIndeterminate 
BUMBLEBEE SUNRISERound CherrySmallEarly Season (60-70 days)VioletIndeterminate 
CARBONFlattened GlobeLargeLate Season (80-90 days)red brownIndeterminate 
CARMELO VFNT HYBRIDGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)redFranceIndeterminate 
CAROLINA GOLD VFF HYBRIDGlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)golden yellowDeterminate 
CASPIAN PINKBeefsteakVery LargeMid Season (70-80 days)reddish pinkRussiaIndeterminateYes
CELEBRITY VFFNTA HYBRIDGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)redSemi-determinate 
CHAMPION II VFNT HYBRIDGlobeLargeEarly Season (60-70 days)redIndeterminate 
CHEF'S CHOICE BLACK HYBRIDBeefsteakLargeMid Season (70-80 days)dark purple blackIndeterminate 
CHEF'S CHOICE GREEN HYBRIDBeefsteakLargeMid Season (70-80 days)bright greenIndeterminate 
CHEF'S CHOICE ORANGE HYBRIDGlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)neon orangeIndeterminate 
CHEF'S CHOICE PINK HYBRIDBeefsteakLargeMid Season (70-80 days)pinkIndeterminate 
CHEF'S CHOICE YELLOW HYBRIDBeefsteakLargeMid Season (70-80 days)yellowIndeterminate 
CHEROKEE PURPLEFlattened GlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)pinkish purple/brownUSA- TennesseeIndeterminateYes
CHERRY ROMAOval CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
CHIQUITA HYBRIDOval CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)pinkDeterminate 
CHUCK'S YELLOW BEEFSTEAKBeefsteakLargeLate Season (80-90 days)yellowIndeterminate 
CILIEGINORound CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)redItalyIndeterminate 
CONTAINER CHOICE VFF HYBRIDGlobeMediumEarly Season (60-70 days)redDeterminate 
COPIAFlattened GlobeLargeLate Season (80-90 days)golden yellow with red streaksIndeterminate 
COSTOLUTO FIORENTINOFlattened GlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)redItalyIndeterminateYes
COSTOLUTO GENOVESEFlattened GlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)redItalyIndeterminateYes
COYOTERound CherryVery SmallMid Season (70-80 days)creamy yellowMexicoIndeterminateYes
CREAM SAUSAGEPlumMediumMid Season (70-80 days)yellowish whiteDeterminate 
CREOLEGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)RedUSAIndeterminateYes
CRKNOVIC YUGOSLAVIANBeefsteakLargeLate Season (80-90 days)pinkYugoslaviaIndeterminateYes
CUOR DI BUEOxheartMediumMid Season (70-80 days)redItalyIndeterminateYes
CUOSTRALEEBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)redIndeterminate 
DELICIOUSBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)redUSA- PennsylvaniaIndeterminateYes
DINNER PLATEOxheartVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)redIndeterminateYes
DR. CAROLINERound CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)pale yellowIndeterminateYes
DR. LYLEBeefsteakVery LargeMid Season (70-80 days)pinkIndeterminateYes
DR. WYCHE'S YELLOWBeefsteakLargeMid Season (70-80 days)golden yellowIndeterminateYes
DRUZBAFlattened GlobeLargeLate Season (80-90 days)redBulgariaIndeterminateYes
EARLY DOLL HYBRIDGlobeMediumEarly Season (60-70 days)redIndeterminate 
EARLY GIRL VFF HYBRID IMPROVEDGlobeMediumEarly Season (60-70 days)redIndeterminate 
EARLY WONDERGlobeMediumEarly Season (60-70 days)redDeterminate 
ERNIE'S PLUMPPearMediumLate Season (80-90 days)redItalyIndeterminate 
EVA PURPLE BALLGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)dark pinkGermanyIndeterminateYes
EVERGREENBeefsteakLargeMid Season (70-80 days)greenIndeterminate 
FAELAN'S FIRST SNOWBeefsteakLargeLate Season (80-90 days)RedUSAIndeterminateYes
FAT MAMAPlumLargeMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminateYes
FEDERLEElongated Pear/PlumLargeLate Season (80-90 days)redIndeterminate 
FIREWORKSGlobeMediumEarly Season (60-70 days)redIndeterminate 
FLORIDA 47 VFF HYBRIDGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)redSemi-determinate 
GARDEN PEACHGlobeSmallMid Season (70-80 days)light yellowIndeterminate 
GEORGIA STREAKBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)yellow with red streaksUSA- GeorgiaIndeterminateYes
GERMAN GIANTBeefsteakVery LargeMid Season (70-80 days)deep pinkGermanyIndeterminateYes
GERMAN JOHNSONBeefsteakVery LargeMid Season (70-80 days)pinkIndeterminateYes
GERMAN RED STRAWBERRYOxheartLargeLate Season (80-90 days)redGermanyIndeterminateYes
GET STUFFEDGlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)redUSAIndeterminate 
GIANT BELGIAN YELLOWBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)pink to yellowIndeterminateYes
GIANT BELGIUMBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)dark pinkUSA- OhioIndeterminateYes
GOLD MEDALBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)yellow with red streaks; bicolorIndeterminate 
GOLDEN BOY HYBRIDGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)golden yellowIndeterminate 
GOLDEN QUEEN, USDA STRAINGlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)yellow with pink blushUSDA Seed BankIndeterminateYes
GOLDEN SUNBURSTGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)yellowIndeterminateYes
GOLDEN SUNRAYGlobeMediumLate Season (80-90 days)Golden yellowIndeterminateYes
GOOSE CREEKGlobeMediumLate Season (80-90 days)reddish pinkIndeterminateYes
GRAPEOval CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
GREAT WHITEBeefsteakLargeLate Season (80-90 days)whiteIndeterminateYes
GREEN GIANTFlattened GlobeLargeLate Season (80-90 days)green when ripeIndeterminate 
GREEN GRAPEOval CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)yellow greenIndeterminateYes
GREEN SAUSAGEElongated Pear/PlumMediumMid Season (70-80 days)greenDeterminate 
GREEN ZEBRAGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)green to golden green with darker stripes; bicolorIndeterminateYes
GREGORY'S ALTAIBeefsteakLargeEarly Season (60-70 days)pink-redSiberiaIndeterminate 
HAWAIIAN PINEAPPLEBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)golden orangeIndeterminate 
HEART OF COMPASSIONOxheartVery LargeMid Season (70-80 days)pinkIndeterminate 
HILLBILLY POTATO LEAFBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)yellow w red streaksUSA- OhioIndeterminateYes
HOMESTEAD 24GlobeLargeLate Season (80-90 days)redSemi-determinate 
HOWARD GERMANElongated Pear/PlumMediumLate Season (80-90 days)redUSA- PennsylvaniaIndeterminateYes
HUGH'SBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)pale yellowish whiteUSA- IndianaIndeterminateYes
ICERound CherrySmallEarly Season (60-70 days)WhiteIndeterminate 
Igleheart Yellow CherryCherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)yellowIndeterminate 
INDEPENDENCE DAYGlobeMediumEarly Season (60-70 days)redIndeterminate 
INDIGO APPLEBeefsteakLargeMid Season (70-80 days)purple/blackIndeterminateYes
INDIGO CHERRY DROPSRound CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)dark purple/black w redIndeterminate 
INDIGO ROSERound CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)dark purple/black w redSemi-determinate 
ISIS CANDYOval CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)red and yellow bicolorIndeterminate 
ITALIAN GOLD FFV HYBRIDPlumMediumMid Season (70-80 days)golden yellowDeterminate 
IVORY EGGPlumMediumMid Season (70-80 days)pale yellow whiteIndeterminateYes
JAPANESE BLACK TRIFELEPearMediumMid Season (70-80 days)reddish brownRussiaIndeterminateYes
JAUNE FLAMMEGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)apricot orangeFranceIndeterminateYes
JELLY BEAN RED HYBRIDOval CherrySmallEarly Season (60-70 days)redIndeterminate 
JERSEY DEVILElongated Pear/PlumLargeLate Season (80-90 days)redIndeterminate 
JET STAR VF HYBRIDFlattened GlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
JETSETTER VFFNTA HYBRIDGlobeMediumEarly Season (60-70 days)redIndeterminate 
JUBILEERoundLargeLate Season (80-90 days)golden orangeIndeterminate 
JULIET HYBRIDOval CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
KELLOGG'S BREAKFASTBeefsteakVery LargeMid Season (70-80 days)orangeIndeterminateYes
KENTUCKY BEEFSTEAKBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)yellowIndeterminateYes
KOSOVOOxheartLargeMid Season (70-80 days)deep pinkKosovoIndeterminateYes
LA ROMA III VFFNA HYBRIDPlumMediumLate Season (80-90 days)redDeterminate 
LADINO DI PANOCCHIOFlattened GlobeSmallMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
LEMON BOY VFN HYBRIDGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)lemon yellowIndeterminate 
LILLIAN'S YELLOW HEIRLOOMBeefsteakLargeLate Season (80-90 days)clear yellowIndeterminateYes
LIMMONYBeefsteakLargeMid Season (70-80 days)bright yellowRussiaIndeterminateYes
LOLLIPOPRound CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)pale yellowIndeterminate 
LONGKEEPER GOLDFlattened GlobeMediumVery Late Season (90+ days)pinkish to orange redIndeterminate 
MAGNUM BEEFSTEAKBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)redIndeterminateYes
MARGLOBE FVGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)redDeterminate 
MARIANNA'S PEACEBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)pink redIndeterminate 
MARMANDEFlattened GlobeMediumEarly Season (60-70 days)scarlet redFranceIndeterminate 
MARTINO'S ROMAPlumMediumMid Season (70-80 days)redItalyDeterminateYes
MATINAGlobeMediumEarly Season (60-70 days)redGermanyIndeterminateYes
MEXICOBeefsteakVery LargeMid Season (70-80 days)dark pinkMexicoIndeterminateYes
MEXICO MIDGETRound CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)deep orange redMexicoIndeterminate 
MICRO-TOMRound CherryVery SmallLate Season (80-90 days)redDeterminate 
MIDNIGHT SELECT SmallMid Season (70-80 days)purple/blackIndeterminateYes
MIRACLE SWEET VFFNT HYBRIDGlobeSmallMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
MONEYMAKER TOMATOGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)redEnglandIndeterminateYes
MOONGLOWGlobeMediumLate Season (80-90 days)OrangeUSAIndeterminateYes
MOONLIGHT MILERoundSmallMid Season (70-80 days)MulticolorUSAIndeterminate 
MORETON HYBRIDGlobeMediumEarly Season (60-70 days)redIndeterminate 
MORTGAGE LIFTERBeefsteakLargeLate Season (80-90 days)deep pinkUSAIndeterminateYes
MOUNTAIN PRIDE VFFA HYBRIDBeefsteakLargeMid Season (70-80 days)redSemi-determinate 
MOUNTAIN SPRING HYBRIDGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)redDeterminate 
MR. STRIPEYGlobeMediumEarly Season (60-70 days)red & yellow-orange bicolorIndeterminate 
NEBRASKA WEDDINGFlattened GlobeLargeLate Season (80-90 days)orangeDeterminate 
NEPALGlobeLargeLate Season (80-90 days)redHimalayan MountainsIndeterminate 
NYAGOUSGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)deep reddish brownRussiaIndeterminate 
OAXACAN JEWELFlattened GlobeMediumLate Season (80-90 days)golden yellow with red streaking; bicolorMexicoIndeterminate 
OLD GERMANBeefsteakLargeMid Season (70-80 days)gold with red streaks; bicolorIndeterminateYes
OMAR'S LEBANESEBeefsteakVery LargeMid Season (70-80 days)pinkLebanonIndeterminateYes
OPALKAElongated Pear/PlumLargeMid Season (70-80 days)redPolandIndeterminateYes
ORANGE BANANAElongated Pear/PlumMediumLate Season (80-90 days)Yellow orangeIndeterminateYes
ORANGE BLUERoundSmallMid Season (70-80 days)OrangeUSAIndeterminateYes
ORANGE OXHEARTOxheartMediumMid Season (70-80 days)orangeIndeterminate 
ORANGE RUSSIANOxheartMediumLate Season (80-90 days)yellow to orange w red streaksRussiaIndeterminate 
ORANGE STRAWBERRYOxheartLargeLate Season (80-90 days)orangeIndeterminateYes
PALESTINIANOxheartLargeMid Season (70-80 days)dark pinkIndeterminateYes
PANTANOBeefsteakLargeLate Season (80-90 days)RedUSAIndeterminate 
PATIO F1 HYBRIDGlobeMediumEarly Season (60-70 days)redDeterminate 
PAUL ROBESONFlattened GlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)reddish brownRussiaIndeterminateYes
PERSIMMONFlattened GlobeVery LargeMid Season (70-80 days)golden orangeIndeterminateYes
PHOENIX VFFA HYBRIDGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)redDeterminate 
PINEAPPLEBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)red & yellow bicolorIndeterminate 
POLISH LINGUISAElongated Pear/PlumLargeMid Season (70-80 days)redPolandIndeterminateYes
PONDEROSA PINKBeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)pinkIndeterminateYes
PORTER IMPROVEDOval CherryMediumMid Season (70-80 days)dark pinkish redIndeterminate 
POWER'S HEIRLOOMPlumMediumMid Season (70-80 days)yellow with white fleshUSA- VirginiaIndeterminateYes
PRAIRIE FIRE TOMATOGlobeMediumEarly Season (60-70 days)redDeterminate 
PRINCIPE BORGHESEOval CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)redItalyDeterminate 
PRUDEN'S PURPLEBeefsteakLargeMid Season (70-80 days)dark pinkIndeterminateYes
PURPLE CALABASHFlattened GlobeMediumLate Season (80-90 days)purple pinkIndeterminate 
PURPLE RUSSIANPlumMediumMid Season (70-80 days)purple brownUkraineIndeterminateYes
RAMAPO HYBRIDGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)redUSA- New JerseyIndeterminate 
RED CURRANTRound CherryVery SmallMid Season (70-80 days)redS. AmericaIndeterminate 
RED PEARPearSmallMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
RED PEPPER STUFFERBeefsteakLargeVery Late Season (90+ days)redIndeterminateYes
RED STAR SmallMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminateYes
RED ZEBRAGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)red with gold stripes; bicolorIndeterminateYes
RIDEAU SWEETRound CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
RIESENTRAUBEOval CherrySmallLate Season (80-90 days)redGermanyIndeterminateYes
ROMA VFPlumMediumMid Season (70-80 days)redDeterminate 
ROMAN CANDLEElongated Pear/PlumLargeLate Season (80-90 days)yellowIndeterminate 
ROUGHWOOD GOLDEN PLUMPlumMediumMid Season (70-80 days)golden orangeDeterminateYes
RUSSIAN 117OxheartVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)redRussiaIndeterminateYes
RUSSIAN ROSEGlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)rose pinkRussiaIndeterminateYes
RUTGERS 250GlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)redSemi-determinateYes
RUTGERS VFAGlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)redSemi-determinateYes
SAN MARZANOPlumMediumMid Season (70-80 days)redItalyIndeterminate 
SAN MARZANO COMPACTPlumSmallMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
SAN MARZANO REDORTAPlumLargeMid Season (70-80 days)redItalyIndeterminate 
SANDUL MOLDOVANBeefsteakLargeLate Season (80-90 days)pinkEuropean Moldovan regionIndeterminateYes
SANTA F1 HYBRIDOval CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
SCATALONEPlumLargeLate Season (80-90 days)redIndeterminate 
SILETZGlobeMediumEarly Season (60-70 days)redDeterminate 
SIOUXGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)redUSA- NebraskaIndeterminateYes
SMALL FRY VFNASt HYBRIDRound CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)redDeterminate 
SNOWSTORMGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)white with golden to peach blushIndeterminate 
SPECKLED ROMANPlumMediumLate Season (80-90 days)red with orange & yellow stripes; bicolorIndeterminate 
STRIPED CAVERNFlattened GlobeLargeLate Season (80-90 days)red with yellow stripes; bicolorIndeterminate 
STRIPED GERMANFlattened GlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)yellow w red streaks; bicolorIndeterminateYes
STUPICEGlobeMediumEarly Season (60-70 days)redCzechoslovakiaIndeterminateYes
SUGAR CHERRYRound CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)orange redIndeterminate 
SUGARY HYBRIDOval CherrySmallEarly Season (60-70 days)redSemi-determinate 
SUN GOLD HYBRIDRound CherrySmallEarly Season (60-70 days)golden to deep orangeIndeterminate 
SUNSUGAR FT HYBRIDRound CherrySmallEarly Season (60-70 days)orangeIndeterminate 
SUPER ITALIAN PASTEElongated Pear/PlumMediumMid Season (70-80 days)orange redItalyIndeterminateYes
SUPER MARZANO VFNT HYBRIDPlumLargeMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
SUPER SNOW WHITEGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)whiteIndeterminate 
SUPERSONIC VF HYBRIDFlattened GlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
SWEET 100 HYBRIDRound CherryVery SmallMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
SWEET CHELSEA VFNT HYBRIDRound CherryMediumMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
SWEET CLUSTER VFNT HYBRIDGlobeMediumMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
SWEET MILLION FNT HYBRIDRound CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
SWEET SPLASHRoundSmallLate Season (80-90 days)YellowUSASemi-determinate 
TAMI G HYBRIDOval CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)redIndeterminate 
TAPPY'S HERITAGEGlobeLargeLate Season (80-90 days)redIndeterminate 
THESSALONIKIGlobeLargeMid Season (70-80 days)redGreeceIndeterminate 
TOPSY TOMCherrySmallEarly Season (60-70 days)green to redSemi-determinate 
TRIP-L-CROPBeefsteakLargeLate Season (80-90 days)redItalyIndeterminateYes
TUMBLER TOMATOCherryVery SmallEarly Season (60-70 days)redDeterminate 
TUMBLING TOM YELLOWCherryVery SmallEarly Season (60-70 days)YellowDeterminate 
UKRAINIAN PURPLEPlumMediumMid Season (70-80 days)VioletUkraineIndeterminateYes
VERNA ORANGEOxheartVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)orangeIndeterminate 
VIVA ITALIA VFFNASt HYBRIDPlumMediumMid Season (70-80 days)redDeterminate 
WAPSIPINICON PEACHGlobeSmallMid Season (70-80 days)light yellowUSA- IowaIndeterminateYes
WATERMELON BEEFSTEAKBeefsteakVery LargeMid Season (70-80 days)pink with purple red fleshIndeterminateYes
WHITE BEAUTYGlobeMediumLate Season (80-90 days)creamy whiteIndeterminateYes
WHITE CHERRYRound CherrySmallMid Season (70-80 days)creamy whiteIndeterminate 
WHITE CURRANTRound CherryVery SmallMid Season (70-80 days)creamy whiteIndeterminate 
WHITE QUEENBeefsteakLargeLate Season (80-90 days)yellowish whiteIndeterminateYes
WHOPPER IMPROVED HYBRIDFlattened GlobeVery LargeEarly Season (60-70 days)redIndeterminate 
WILD CHERRYRound CherryVery SmallMid Season (70-80 days)redMexicoIndeterminate 
WINDOW BOX ROMA VFN HYBRIDPlumSmallMid Season (70-80 days)redDeterminate 
WINDOW BOX YELLOWCherryVery SmallEarly Season (60-70 days)YellowDeterminate 
YELLOW CURRANTRound CherryVery SmallMid Season (70-80 days)yellowS. AmericaIndeterminate 
YELLOW DRAGONGlobeLargeLate Season (80-90 days)USAIndeterminateYes
YELLOW GRAPEOval CherrySmallEarly Season (60-70 days)YellowDeterminate 
YELLOW PEARPearSmallMid Season (70-80 days)clear yellowIndeterminateYes
YELLOW RUFFLESBeefsteakLargeLate Season (80-90 days)YellowUSAIndeterminate 
YELLOW STUFFERBeefsteakMediumLate Season (80-90 days)YellowUSAIndeterminate 
ZAPOTEC PINK RIBBEDFlattened GlobeLargeLate Season (80-90 days)dark pinkMexicoIndeterminateYes
ZOGOLABeefsteakVery LargeLate Season (80-90 days)redPolandIndeterminateYes

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