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We offer 30 varieties of eggplants for sale!

Live plants are available for pre-order January 1st, and you can select your ship date from the end of March to early June.

Details and Definitions

Season Days until Harvest
Early 60 - 70
Mid 70 - 80
Late 80 - 90
Very Late 90 - 120
Extremely Late 120+

Eggplant Species

Eggplants belong to the Solanum genus, and there are numerous species and varieties within this genus. These are some commonly recognized species of Eggplants

  1. Solanum Melongena

    This is the most common and widely cultivated species of eggplant. It includes various cultivars with different sizes, shapes, and colors, such as the large purple eggplant, the slender Japanese eggplant, and the small white or green eggplants.

  2. Solanum Macrocarpon

    Also known as African eggplant or garden egg, this species is native to Africa. It has smaller fruits compared to Solanum melongena and is widely grown in various African countries.

  3. Solanum Aethiopicum

    Another species native to Africa, Solanum aethiopicum includes several varieties with distinct shapes, colors, and sizes. Some varieties have spiny fruits, while others have round or oval-shaped fruits.

  4. Solanum Torvum

    Commonly known as wild eggplant or pea eggplant, this species is native to tropical regions of Asia and Africa. It produces small, pea-sized fruits and is often used in traditional medicine and culinary preparations in some regions.

  5. Solanum Integrifolium

    Also called Thai eggplant, this species is popular in Southeast Asian cuisine. It has small, round fruits and is available in various colors, including green, white, and purple.

But wait there’s more! There are a wide range of cultivars with their own unique characteristics and flavors.