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Tomato Plants


We offer 200 varieties of tomato plants for sale!

Live plants are available for pre-order January 1st, and you can select your ship date from the end of March to early June.

Details and Definitions

Size Weight
Very Small Less than 1 oz
Small 1 - 3 oz
Medium 4 - 9 oz
Large 10 - 16 oz
Very Large 1 - 2 lbs or more!

Season Days until Harvest
Early 60 - 70
Mid 70 - 80
Late 80 - 90
Very Late 90 - 120

These are some of our most popular tomato plant varieties:

    • Flavor Profile: Rich, complex, and slightly sweet with a hint of smokiness.
    • Perfect for: Slicing for sandwiches, adding depth to salads, or creating gourmet sauces.
    • Flavor Profile: Sweet, tangy, with a meaty texture.
    • Perfect for: Crafting authentic Italian pasta sauces, canning, or roasting for a robust flavor.
    • Flavor Profile: Bursting with tropical sweetness and a hint of citrus.
    • Perfect for: Snacking straight from the vine, adding a pop of color to salads, or garnishing cocktails.
    • Flavor Profile: Sweet, fruity, and delightfully tangy with vibrant stripes.
    • Perfect for: Elevating salads, creating eye-catching appetizers, or enjoying as a flavorful snack.
    • Flavor Profile: Intensely sweet and flavorful with a juicy, meaty texture.
    • Perfect for: Larger version of the classic San Marzano. Use for making classic Italian sauces, slow-roasting for depth of flavor, or enjoying fresh in salads.
    • Flavor Profile: Sweet, complex, and irresistibly juicy with a deep, rich flavor.
    • Perfect for: Adding depth and color to salads, snacking straight from the vine, or creating gourmet appetizers.
    • Flavor Profile: Meaty, with a balanced sweetness and acidity.
    • Perfect for: Making rich, flavorful sauces, canning, or slicing for sandwiches and burgers.
    • Flavor Profile: Explosively sweet and fruity with a tropical tang.
    • Perfect for: Adding vibrant color and flavor to salads, early season snacking, or preserving as sun-dried tomatoes.
    • Flavor Profile: Mild, sweet, and slightly tangy with a delicate texture.
    • Perfect for: Snacking off the vine, enjoying fresh in salads, or incorporating into salsas and relishes.

Tomato Species

Tomatoes belong to the Solanum genus, and there are numerous species and varieties within this genus. These are some commonly recognized species of tomatoes:

  1. Solanum Lycopersicum

    This is the most common and widely cultivated species of tomatoes. It includes the various cultivars and hybrids that we commonly find in grocery stores and gardens.

  2. Solanum Pimpinellifolium

    Also known as the currant tomato, this species is native to South America and is the ancestor of many cultivated tomato varieties. It produces small, flavorful fruits.

  3. Solanum Peruvianum

    This species is also native to South America and is closely related to Solanum lycopersicum. It is known for its resistance to several diseases and pests.

  4. Solanum Pennellii

    Another wild tomato species from South America, Solanum pennellii is particularly valued for its genetic diversity and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

  5. Solanum Cheesmaniae

    Native to the coastal deserts of Peru and Chile, this tomato species is adapted to arid conditions and has a high salt tolerance.

  6. Solanum Habrochaites

    This wild tomato species is native to the Andes region of South America. It is known for its strong resistance to pests and diseases.

  7. Solanum Chilense

    Found in Chile, this tomato species is closely related to Solanum lycopersicum and is used in breeding programs to introduce disease resistance and other desirable traits.