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Chile Plants


We offer 400 varieties of pepper plants for sale!

Live plants are available for pre-order January 1st, and you can select your ship date from the end of March to early June.

Details and Definitions

Heat Level Scoville Units
Mild Less than 2,500
Medium 2,500 - 10,000
Hot 10,000 - 50,000
Very Hot 50,000 - 350,000
Extremely Hot 350,000 - 900,000
Super Hot 900,000 or more!

Season Days until Harvest
Early 60 - 70
Mid 70 - 80
Late 80 - 90
Very Late 90 - 120
Extremely Late 120+

These are some of our most popular pepper plant varieties:

    • Heat Level: Extreme
    • Flavor Profile: Intensely fruity with a scorching heat that lingers.
    • Perfect for: Thrill seakers who want to see what the hype is about. Now in an array of beautiful colors!
    • Heat Level: Mild
    • Flavor Profile: Delicately sweet with a hint of smokiness.
    • Perfect for: Pan-searing, grilling, or blistering for a flavorful and addictive appetizer.
    • Heat Level: Medium
    • Flavor Profile: Crisp, slightly tangy, with a moderate heat.
    • Perfect for: Adding a kick to salsas, nachos, and homemade poppers.
    • Heat Level: Super Hot
    • Flavor Profile: Fruity with an intense, lingering heat.
    • Perfect for: Those who dare to venture into the realm of extreme spiciness, ideal for adding heat to sauces and marinades.
    • Heat Level: Record Breaking?
    • Flavor Profile: Exceptionally hot with fruity undertones.
    • Perfect for: Thrill-seekers and pepper aficionados looking to experience one of the world's hottest peppers.
    • Heat Level: Hot
    • Flavor Profile: Earthy, smoky, and intensely spicy.
    • Perfect for: Container growing. Adding a fiery kick to traditional Mexican dishes, sauces, and salsas.
    • Heat Level: Very to Extremely Hot
    • Flavor Profile: Fruity with a searing heat.
    • Perfect for: Infusing heat and flavor into all variety of cuisines, hot sauces, and marinades.
    • Heat Level: Medium
    • Flavor Profile: Sweet, tangy, with a moderate heat.
    • Perfect for: Roasting, pickling, or adding a zesty kick to salads and sandwiches.
    • Heat Level: Hot to Extremeley Hot
    • Flavor Profile: Fruity, with a fiery heat.
    • Perfect for: Adding authentic Caribbean flavor to jerk sauces, soups, and seafood dishes.

Pepper Species

The genus of peppers/chiles is Capsicum, and there are 5 domesticated species:

  1. Capsicum Annuum

    This is the most common species and includes a wide variety of peppers, including Bell peppers, Jalapeños, Serranos, Poblanos, and Cayenne peppers.

  2. Capsicum Frutescens

    This species includes peppers such as tabasco peppers, Thai Peppers, and Bird’s Eye peppers. They are typically smaller and hotter than Capsicum annuum varieties.

  3. Capsicum Chinense

    This species includes some of the hottest peppers in the world, such as the Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, and Carolina Reaper. They are known for their intense heat and fruity flavors.

  4. Capsicum Baccatum

    This species includes peppers like the Aji Amarillo and Aji Panca, commonly used in South American cuisine. They have a fruity flavor profile and range in heat levels.

  5. Capsicum Pubescens

    This species is known for its unique characteristics, including hairy leaves and black seeds. The Rocoto pepper is one of the most well-known peppers in this species.